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伦敦市长送祝福:没有华人 伦敦就不是伦敦!

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”没有华人 伦敦就不是伦敦”伦敦市长送祝福

伦敦市长送祝福:没有华人 伦敦就不是伦敦!

伦敦市长送祝福:没有华人 伦敦就不是伦敦!






没有华人社区,伦敦就不是伦敦。(London would not be London without its Chinese communities)


I would like to congratulate Nouvelles d’Europe on its 10thanniversary in the UK.

Our capital’s greatest strength is our diversity, and ChineseLondoners and visitors make a huge contribution to everythingthat makes London the greatest city in the world – in business, inour public services, culturally and socially.

It has been an incredibly challenging two years for us all, butI’d like to thank the great contribution of Chinese Londonersduring this time – from those who have come forward to getvaccinated, to the fantastic NHS staff and volunteers getting thevaccine and boosters to people across the capital. We still have along way to go, so I urge everyone to play their part in preventingthe spread of the virus by ensuring they get vaccinated andboosted, and by continuing to wear a facemask on public transportand in shops and indoor venues.

London has a proud history of being home to peoplefrom all backgrounds, and the rise of Sinophobia during thepandemic is unacceptable. Discrimination will not be toleratedand I will continue to work with the Met police and engage withcommunity groups to tackle hate crime and provide support tothose victimised.

London would not be London without its Chinese communities.

Generations of East Asian Londoners have enrichedevery part of the capital’s society and I will continue to do allI can to celebrate their contribution, provide support where it isneeded and address any concerns communities may have.



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